Fun at Palette

To begin with, we prefer using ‘Associate’ instead of ‘Employee’. We work as a team, rather than one working ‘for’ the other.

We value you and your creative mind and we aim to hone your talent to its best. We help you harness your inner touch of madness and fearless attitude to explore the unknown.


Work-Life Balance

We understand that life happens when you don’t expect it! We provide personal days, generous time off, and flex time. We are work BFFs.

Party Hard

We are fun, bold, and as our name suggests, sexy. We love to party with our teammates. Get ready as a lot of surprises are headed your way!

Stay on top

We encourage our associates to pursue their training outside work hours and guide them on what and how they can pursue their interests.

% of ownership

As part of our ESOP program, we constantly aim to achieve a motivated workgroup by providing a percentage of total ownership todeserving associates. *Terms & Conditions apply.

Free to create

Are you overflowing with ideas? At Palette69 you are free to work on your own projects outside work and on your personal time. If your creation is not at risk of conflict of interest, then it belongs to you 100%! We support you in providing constructive feedback too.

Creative peace of mind

We encourage and support our associates in practicing mindfulness to enable out-of-the-box creative thinking. We also have workshops on knowledge sharing where we learn from each other with an unbiased attitude.

Interview Process

01 Candidate

To apply for a job with us, please send us your resume along with a demo reel or a portfolio URL.

02 Your

We don’t just focus on the creative talent perspective while hiring. For us, a person’s mind – and their ability to visualize scenarios from perspectives that are unique and unabashedly themselves matters the most.

Depending on the above attributes, we might do 2-3 rounds of interviews consisting of written psychological, technical and creative assertion tests.

03 Final

The final layer of screening asserts you are one amongst the creative stars we are on the lookout for. Good job!

Didn’t find the job you are looking for?
Dont worry, we are always on the lookout for talented artists to work with.

Email us at [email protected]

*Please address the email subject with respective roles you are applying for*