Frequently asked questions,

Business Questions:

Our unique ability is to look beyond what’s presented to us. Every person aims to understand their oneness by mining their soul. ‘Being Unique’ is being conscious, identifying passion, honing skills, and striving towards perfection.

For example, the periodic table comprises elements that can be combined to form different substances. What’s surprising is the number of hidden permutations and combinations that might lead to so many unique and undiscovered compounds. Years of gaining experience and knowledge have carved a unique lens that we view problems with.

We are a team of in-house researchers and designers who collaborate with world-class independent designers (Independent Allies) who are determined to provide diversified design decisions to our clients.

Our clients, ranging from small scale and medium-sized businesses/start-ups to business unicorns are our strength. They expose us to an edge, a wider perspective to identify problems with and build design solutions proactively for.

We analyze historical data spanning over the various multi-faceted industries we have served and use cases from gold clients and provide a hypothetical, near-perfect ROI or your business including revenue growth estimates and cost savings.

A break-up comprises an EBIC (Estimated Behavioral Impact Chart) to assist you with ROE (Return on Experience) estimates.

*Metrics are shared subject to the scope of work and terms and conditions agreed at SOW submission.

Creative minds blossom when they’re given the freedom to explore. We trod the path of understanding the technical perspective of what a brand needs or wants, and we add our creative zing to it.

Behavioral science is our anchor in making unbiased decisions for design solutions. We pursue out-of-the-box thinking and go beyond the existing paradigm to create something unique.

We work best with brand decision-makers directly to avoid multiple hierarchies which often leads to multiple iterations from a subjective person. This distracts us from our main goal, that is to benefit the brand/entity.

We mutually agree on a quote with our clients after we gain perspective of their requirements. We categorize the essentials and the goods expected, and finalize the service offerings based on the brand’s necessities.

To understand our standard services in detail, go to our about.


The pricing is separated taking into factor the requirements as the approach and backend work is entirely different. Associates working on each project range from various domains and experience levels. Hence, both prices vary. We discuss pricing in detail once we understand the scope of work.

Our team comprises of in-house creative people and a network of Independent Allies from all over the world, who work with us as per project requirements.

As humans, we are eternally caught between our needs and wants. This creates chaos and disorder.

Our problem-solving approach can be derived from an example from the Jar of Life. The general tendency is to give more importance to our own perspective of what we think the organization needs, than what it actually requires.

We start by assisting you in distinguishing and prioritizing finding the balance between your needs and wants. The communication and branding solution packages have a variety of approaches. It can require Visual, Auditory, Training, or a Holistic Design approach.

In accordance with the ‘Ikigai’ approach, we strive to find a harmonious relationship between the customer-aspect and the aspect respecting brand needs met.

Detailed below is the 2-step process we employ during the primary stages.

STEP – 1
We discuss the requirements of your brand/entity. Based on the overview and our service offerings we come up with a definite suggestion of what can be done, along with a pricing structure.

STEP – 2
We utilize your suggestions and filter them based on various creative tools like IKIGAI, design-thinking, and even from our personal experience spanning decades, with global clients. We strategize and set future objectives and prepare execution lists.

Creative Questions:

In today’s world of opportunities and chaos, A logo is an identity, not just a correspondence. Anaid to brand recall, a logo acts as a unique symbol of empathy. Even before language was born, symbols were used to communicate. With this simpleton concept in mind, we create logos which impart the essence of the brand to its customers, even though a quick glance.

User experience is an amalgamation of science and art in the right proportions. Broadly, UX is found in anything we see, touch and interact with in routine life. The concrete meaning can be linked to the product we use or the service we avail from, say any online app or platform. UX Design is a kaleidoscope to guide human interaction. The function of the UX is to emphasize the usability of a product or service than the product itself.

Behavioral science is an epitome of holistic design in problem-solving. It enables us to create the perfect orchestration of ideas, which in turn leads to the solving of complex problems in human behavior. It's analogous to the Art of Cooking, which involves all our senses.

Here's a snippet to familiarize you with "how we instill NUDGE" in our design outputs.

A – Making it easy
This is a cognitive process of simplifying the ease-of-access of the design for humans to understand or interact. We create a design symphony to control System 1 or System 2 of the brain.

B – Making it Attractive
Using the right visual vocabulary, we make it attractive and appreciable to human emotions.

C –Making it Social
We make it social with design thinking approaches, research data, iterations, and design experiments.

D –Making it Timely
Time plays a vital role here. For example, a weekend sale would have a bigger turnout as compared to Wednesday specials. It’s all about studying customer trends, probing, and identifying the right time to nudge. These techniques are essential for an effective outcome.

E – Implement & Measure
Unlike simple design processes, we need to take an agile, measured approach and continuously tweak until we reach the target. The process approach would vary based on the design services we are rendering for our client.

Here is a simple project where you can see and read all the aspect

Biomimicry is a technology-oriented approach with "Nature as a guide" at its core, focused on piloting nature's lessons in practice, observing nature's models and imitating them. At Palette69, we primarily focus on in-house inspiration libraries generated by years of nature observation which gives a unique edge to the final output.

The work process varies from work to work, but here is a generic break-up of steps to get started:

STEP 1: Diagnose: Needs vs Wants.
a. Discuss and find Needs & Wants.
b. Pricing – Defining Scope of work – Agreement/NDA

STEP 2: Financial – Terms, and conditions.
a. Advance Payment – as per agreed terms.
b. Questionnaire – to know more in detail
c. Division of work – as per milestone, or mutual agreement.

STEP 3: Production – Strategy/Execution
a. Following the production process
b. Timely review meetings with clients.

STEP 4: Delivery – Closing/after support
a. Closing the final project
b. Closing the pending financial before delivery of the final project.

Random Questions:

Inspired by the many flavors of our taste palette, driven by naked empathy, and deriving adrenaline rush from the balanced “69” pose, we chose the name “Palette69”.

We are the brand that excels in problem-solving with a creative angle – at times nascent, unimaginative, and revolutionary.

We chose the combination of alphabets and a number to have maximum impact on human memory. As the human tendency goes – either “palette” or “69” shall suffice for a satisfactory recall.

Design. Innovate. Solve.

This is at the core of Palette69. We aim to solve quintessential problems in the most creative approach. Apart from providing creative solutions to various brands and organizations, our solutions are also directed at the world, to the myriad niches that form our ecosystem. We are constantly evolving and exploring with an unhinged focus for creating a positive impact on the world through design.

Experience is the best teacher. The part of the brain which stores knowledge isn’t responsible for the behavioral change in humans. Behavioral change is an emotional association, which can be derived or changed via experience.

E.g. We all know that eating a lot of chocolates will lead to cavities. However, unless we experience the pain - we don’t register the ghastly impact of not following proper dental hygiene. This example is quite superficial. On a deeper level, when mind and soul collectively learn something, it has the maximum impact in terms of longevity.

Inspired by the infinity symbol, the icon epitomizes our philosophy and core values: a balanced combination of Science, Research, Technology, and Design. The brushstroke of the letter "P" conveys an abstract and artistic feel. It frames a negative space around the letter "P", also depicting the human brain in negative space. The curves of the letter may also hint at a question mark, a symbol that embodies our resilience approach to problem-solving through design & naked empathy.