Branding and Identity design for an
innovative digital ecosystem for creative
minds based on collaboration and
gamified products using blockchain.



Branding & Identity



Aiming at a fusion of something that’s past and future
ready, we present a mix of retro and minimalism,
giving a contemporary look to Boolien. The identity
simplifies the visual representation of humans and
the stones that were used to draw Cave paintings.

The identity serves as the framework for a brand
architecture that can grow and evolve along with
Boolien which weaves countless connections
among a diverse range of people. We aimed to mix
the brand patterns and multiple colors and present a
palette that brings alive the sentiments of people
from various cultures all around the globe, coming
together and sharing a mutual space with Boolien.

Presenting funky and lively stickers inline with the
vibe of Boolien to enhance the experience of

Boolien is not only a digital community but a
creative and centralised space welcoming
people with open hands to come together
with their unique identities and vibes and
connect with each other.

Vizva, Boolien’s first flagship product, maintains the
brand identity and guidelines of Boolien
consistently and thoughtfully. Companies wishing
to collaborate should follow the guidelines fairly
and correctly to maintain the integrity and
authenticity of the brand.

TAGS: Branding      Identity      Collaboration      Community      Multiculture      Blockchain      NFT

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