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We worked on the UX and UI design for Hiring Pad – a recruitment solution company

Information Technology


User Experience Design



One of the most challenging things recruitment firms deal with is Human Resources. Bridging one person to another is the most difficult task.

There’s a lot of uncertainty and lots of parameters to take decisions like hiring; ranking niche skills; managing open positions, etc.

At Palette69, we focus majorly on the user-centric design approach. Considering our behaviour science advantage, we seized the dashboard design project and created simplified UX with ease of navigation.

This reciprocated the main motive of Hiring Pad – accessible dashboard for candidates and advanced tools for the company to monitor and refine the hiring process. The key here is ensuring accountability and enhancing reliability on candidates.

Visuals below represent our work processes and glimpses of the overall output.


User Experience
User Interface
Dashboard Design

I never knew the true potential of User experience until I felt it in my product.


Amit – Founder, Hiring Pad

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