360-degree video: The ultimate immersive storytelling tool for your brand

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Storytelling has been forever altered by 360-degree videos. This innovative format allows viewers to become fully involved in what they’re watching, providing an immersive and authentic experience unlike any other. However, it’s vital to use this technology thoughtfully, only when it significantly enhances the narrative at hand. Capturing something mundane in 360 degrees isn’t worthwhile; using this technology for unique experiences and escapades unlocks its full potential. Remember, successful productions always depend on great stories as their foundation, no matter how revolutionary your format may be.


360-degree video Vs VR application

Step into a world beyond your imagination through the enchanting lens of 360-degree video. This marvel takes you on a journey where you can look around in any direction and witness fantastical happenings from the sidelines, albeit limited to observation only.

But the difference lies in virtual reality; it takes things further by placing users right at the heart of the action with active participation opportunities all around them. Engaging with characters and surroundings becomes an experience akin to real-life interaction, with great nuances demanding attention to detail, establishing an unforgettable experience.

For standard viewing of 360 videos, no special equipment is needed—just grab a computer or smartphone and start exploring. However, for an intoxicating experiential immersion, specialized gear like HMDs (head-mounted displays) is recommended.

And here’s the kicker: users can control the storyline through dynamic timelines offered by VR, as opposed to predetermined timelines found in 360-degree videos. This allows for maximum personalization options suited to individual tastes. So, whether you want to observe or participate, there’s an immersive experience waiting for you.

Crafting a flawless and immersive 360-degree video in real time requires meticulous attention to detail. Fortunately, IDEO Blog boasts some excellent resources for anyone eager to learn more about this exciting field, such as “How to Experiment with 360˚ Video”.

With any confusion cleared up, it’s vital to understand just how beneficial incorporating well-executed 360-degree video into your marketing strategy can be! According to research conducted by Magnifier, this type of content generates significantly higher levels of engagement with your target audience compared to typical visual campaigns. Specifically, viewers watch almost one-third longer (28.81%) when presented with an engaging and fully immersive experience provided by top-tier innovative technology!

Versatility is key when it comes to the application of 360-degree videos in different industries such as real estate, tourism, or education. Companies in the real estate industry can utilize this type of video to provide prospective buyers with virtual tours, while tourism firms keen on giving their audience immersive experiences can highlight tourist destinations using similar technology.

Get My Parking successfully used 360-degree video to showcase their parking solution in action. To achieve this, they collaborated with Palette69, a creative agency that specializes in immersive technology design and development.

The outcome was their approach to creating a 360-degree video with 4K and 60FPS quality that simplifies their complex parking solutions. But why was this video so effective? Well, for starters, it was a digital experience that could be easily shared through YouTube. There was no need to install anything; viewers could simply sit back and enjoy the show. Plus, it was only four minutes long, so even the busiest of people could watch it on the go.

“Get My Parking 360-degree video”

The video was showcased at Europe’s largest parking event in 2018, simplifying complex parking solutions and showcasing the benefits of GMP’s smart parking solutions.

The video, which took nearly 45 days to produce, served as a valuable asset for the partnership between Get My Parking and APCOA Parking. It acted as a catalyst in facilitating a smooth mobility experience throughout all parking interactions and had the potential to be expanded to all 13 countries where APCOA operates. The return on investment (ROI) generated by the video was an impressive 100 times the initial investment.

Trying to figure out how your brand can use 360-degree videos effectively? It all starts with understanding your target audience and their preferences. For instance, if your audience is tech-savvy and loves immersive experiences then a 360-degree video would certainly capture their attention.

To create a successful and impactful marketing campaign via 360-degree videos, it’s pivotal to first identify which key features of your product will best translate via this medium. Utilise this technology effectively by showcasing unique and noteworthy qualities – whether that be standout design or cutting-edge functionality – elements made vividly clear through these immersive videos as opposed to more ordinary promotional options available today. 

Additionally, it’s essential for these videos to not only highlight said products but also tell their own specific story to enthral potential consumers.

All things considered, it’s clear that emerging technologies like 360-degree videos offer a more engaging experience than conventional formats. These video styles provide greater versatility across different industries – enabling brands to bring a vivid representation of products or services to life while targeting specific audiences through impactful storylines and key selling points. To make the most out of these technological advancements; we highly recommend incorporating them into your marketing strategies as they offer unique opportunities for capturing audiences’ attention while driving engagement levels significantly higher.



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