Bayer – Creating connection and intimacy in the age of social distancing

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Bayer’s reputation as the leading medical care and food supply provider saw no dimming in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. But what did become a challenge was creating and maintaining a level of intimacy with internal stakeholders and B2B clients in a socially distant world.

How could Bayer show its employees and clients the unparalleled safety and security measures at its plant or the support that it is constantly extending to farmers assuring the most superlative crop yield, or the levels of checks being carried out at regular intervals guaranteeing an un-compromised user experience? 

Palette69 joined hands with Bayer Crop Science Ltd Shamirpet, India to cultivate a sense of intimacy with its corporate family, ensuring that their stakeholders continue to feel like they are an integral part of Bayer’s success stories. 

Owing to the pandemic-induced restrictions, corporations worldwide have willingly adapted and adopted Virtual Reality (VR) at scale in addition to video conferencing tools to help keep the employees connected. The United States alone saw a 71 per cent increase in the usage of VR in 2020, enough evidence for Apple to purchase the VR company NextVR reportedly for $100 million in May 2020. At a B2C level, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London recently launched their much-awaited exhibition on the Alice in Wonderland in VR that served as the perfect introduction to their physical exhibit. 

Driven by the potential of digital audio-video tools, Palette69 helped Bayer bridge the communication gap with video documentaries that capture the working and essence of the team at the Shamirpet plant and also a VR video of the plant that gives an immersive experience of the site to potential clients and existing stakeholders who are unable to visit. Palette69 mapped the site and the various processes in their entirety to create engaging audios and videos that have brought new levels of intimacy amongst the Bayer stakeholders. 

Palette69’s work with Bayer has encompassed all the aspects of digital connectivity and communication ensuring the spirit of the Bayer community is felt even without the counterparts being in one room. Starting with a VR walk through the MHPL site, Hyderabad, Palette69 delivered a teaser and a video documentary for the OnePSS event in April 2021. This culminated in creating all the physical and digital assets of the Gallery-walk and the Kick-off event, including the food, gifts for attendees and every small detail required to make the event a success. Thus, what began as a “virtual” collaboration has now turned into a stronger bond with Palette69 handling the complete “experience” aspect of the brand Bayer. 

The client is especially pleased with 4 core video projects outlining the workings of their many verticals.

The Virtual reality market is expected to reach $20.9 billion by 2025. PwC is even predicting VR and Augmented Reality (AR) to increase the gross domestic product (GDP) of product and service development to $359 billion, development and training to $294 billion and process improvements to $275 billion over this decade. Going forward, Palette69 is certain that digital assets like AR/VR will pave the way for stronger bonds and connectivity even in a socially-distant world. Necessity is the mother of invention, indeed. 


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