From Inspiration to Creation: The Journey of Designing Payal Electrical’s Logo

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At Palette69, we had the pleasure of working with Payal Electrical, an electric wires and spare part company from India that has been in business for 50 years. They approached us with a challenge to design a logo that represents fire, energy, and flow but has to be minimal in look. 

The client’s statement of inspiration was “We believe in value system & ethics, Positive orientation which gives peace of mind & progress along with utility & practical aspects Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it changes its form of reflection”

The keywords that the client provided were vastness, ocean, galaxy, black hole, and mythology. The logo had to be simple yet functional for both digital and print media. The client wanted to compete with domestic and international brands, so the logo had to be unique and memorable.

During our initial meetings with the client, we took the time to understand their vision and goals. We started with sketches and doodles to get the ideas locked in.

In our search for creative inspiration spanning both ancient history and modern times. We drew from a multitude of diverse sources– from prehistoric sign language to established brand identities to the wonders of nature wherever they may be found. 

Even outer space and life beneath oceans served as fertile references for our work.

Upon careful review of the references, we proceeded to curate a mood board that accurately captures the essence of our chosen keywords via metaphoric representation.

The working process involved numerous brainstorms, as well as many drafts towards showcasing only a few design concepts, fit for presentation purposes for the client’s review. 

Thankfully, after having culled down and fine-tuned certain elements throughout that period of time, it was received positively by our cherished client. In addition – everyone is pleased with how enthusiastic they were upon providing useful criticism concerning areas where improvement could be made beyond just what they found appealing in those designs presented previously. 

Immediately after reviewing this information, our team took every bit of advice into consideration before making modifications reflecting these insights all while upholding standards worthy of that professional calibre throughout all aspects embraced by everyone involved from point A through point B.

The chosen design by the client was a graceful and straightforward logo symbolizing fire, energy, and flow. The colour of the logo is themed orange, which indicates vigour and the same goes well with the wire and electrical. Incorporating a loop with space around makes it more appealing.

Ensuring both digital and print functionality. We crafted the logo to be scalable and maintain its quality across platforms. Moreover. We prioritized legibility and memorability as part of our design process. 

We take great pride in the final design we crafted for Payal Electrical, and it was an absolute pleasure collaborating with them to help achieve their branding objectives.


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