Your next design inspiration is just around the corner (literally)! Part II

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Now we know why you’re here! Even if you’d like to bring a masterpiece to life, your ideas are scattered and nothing seems to light a  spark. Not to worry, we’ve been there 😉

When you need inspiration the most, it might be difficult to find it.

It’s not always possible to call it a day when you’re feeling unmotivated or frustrated with your designs. As a designer, you’re frequently under pressure to complete a project within a specific time frame.

You may find it beneficial to have some sources of inspiration on hand when this is the case.

(And if this isn’t enough, we already have a part 1 waiting for you)


1. Minimalism – A documentary about the important things

You’ll relate to at least one person in this documentary!

How could you make your life better if you had less? 

The documentary follows a diverse group of minimalists from all walks of life, including families, businesses, architects, artists, journalists, scientists, and even a former Wall Street broker, in their quest to make the most of what they have.

Definitely not a waste of time and will urge you to think about our consumerist culture in a more profound way.


2. Architecture

Think about it: The architecture of France’s Structural Expressionism movement was a major influence on Nike’s Air trainer design. 

The architecture all around you, from the biggest skyscraper to the tiniest hamlet, can serve as inspiration for your own work. Pay attention to the way they’re shaped, coloured, and more. 


3. Friends

No, not the sitcom! Although you could turn it on for a break 😉

When working on a project alone, it’s not uncommon to go a day or two without speaking to anyone. It’s a good idea to take a vacation and spend time with loved ones. You can learn a lot from the people you meet and the discussions you have.

In the end, you’ll be amazed at how much your perspective on life will change as you open out to others. You could strike up a conversation with a complete stranger if you’re comfortable doing so. How much of their personal data will they be willing to divulge? Design inspiration can also be found in the stories of people.


4. Visit estate sales and antique shops, or shop on Etsy.

Antique shops are a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind antiques that are likely to inspire you. Vintage goods can be found that feature antique fonts, images and designs.

TIP: Arrive with an idea in mind for your project or theme. When you’re open to new ideas and willing to let your mind wander, you’ll be amazed at the connections it makes.


5. Music

Artists and designers can get inspiration from music in two different ways. 

First and foremost, music can serve as a soundtrack for a designer’s work, helping to set the tone and atmosphere for the studio. When working on a project, designers can use music to set the tone and speed of their work.

Its packaging, performances, posters, and other related visuals can also affect designers positively. Musicians often include strong visuals, high fashion, and cutting-edge design in their music, which can be a great source of inspiration for visual artists as well.


Pick your match!

If you’re willing to let your mind wander, anything from antique shops to stunning music posters might serve as a source of inspiration. 

Without wasting time, pick your match and let your creativity flow.


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